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(courtesy of the Rope_Dreams Yahoo Group)

Foxy is a 24 year old beauty who has been modeling for bondage sites since November 2008. I first saw her photo on December 26, 2008 when Robert Deane of posted a pic of Foxy. Since then, she has appeared on countless bondage sites. I have posted more than 50 pics of her since May 2009 and, I get frequent requests not only for more pictures of Foxy, but for information about her too. So, when Alexander Lightspear told me that Foxy was willing to do an interview for me and that he was willing to translate my questions from English to Russian and her responses from Russian back to English, I took them both up on their offers almost instantly!

Here now is my Rope_Dreams interview with Foxy! Enjoy!

  • What made you choose the name "Foxy" for your modeling work?
    • I have "Foxy" nickname for quite a time already. I was given this name by a friend even before my modeling. And I often hear from people that I look like a fox, and I think so, too! And because of that I didn't think too much about my modeling nickname.

  • Do you do any other kind of modeling or is your modeling limited to bondage modeling?
    • Yes, I take part in shootings not related to bondage sometimes. But my main modeling specialization is bondage shootings for Alexander Lightspear.

  • How did you decide to enter the world of bondage modeling?
    • A friend of mine invited me to work together with her. I became quite interested and decided to know better this kind of art. After several shootings I became addicted to it, and I stayed there with Alexander.

  • How difficult is it to do bondage modeling in Russia? Are there laws you have to follow when you do bondage modeling in Russia? How does the Russian government view adult or bondage modeling?
    • I do not know what our government thinks about it, to be honest. I'm going to shooting, sign up model releases and work. That's all. :)

  • What is your favorite personal fetish and why is it your favorite?
    • I enjoy walking in sneakers on my bare feet, I walk in them even at home. I like very much sense of sneakers by skin of my bare feet.

  • Do you enjoy roleplaying? And if so, what is your favorite role to play?
    • Yes, I enjoy them very much! I like to put on medical suit and play as nurse.

  • What was it like for you growing up in Russia? Have you ever lived elsewhere?
    • When I just came to Alexander Lightspear for a 1.5 years ago, I was a little girl in terms of an expertise. But more than a year of collaboration with this excellent photographer, who became so close to me - like a loving father, gave me so much that I can say that I grew a lot in all aspects of life: my behavior, look, thoughts, world outlook, model expertise.

  • Do you travel outside of Russia? What other countries have you been to and what other countries would you like to visit?
    • Yes, I was in Ukraine. I'd like to visit many countries, but I do not have such possibilities up to current moment, unfortunately.

  • How was your decision to do bondage modeling received by those close to you like your family and friends?
    • My family and most of my friends doesn't know that I'm bondage model. Only few trusted friends know about this side of my life. Some people like combination of my body and rope, but there are some who doesn't understand even a thing.

  • Other than the sites you've appeared on, what American or European bondage web sites have you explored on the Internet? What do you like or dislike about what you've seen on the bondage web sites you have explored?
    • I'm not confident in what sites I appear, but one thing I can say for sure: I do not like vulgarity. And I wouldn't want to be posted aside of the nude model in obscene posture.

  • You're very young, but have you given any thought to what you will do for a career if and when you decide to stop modeling for bondage web sites?
    • Yes, I'm young, and I do not have plans to become older. ;-) Aside from my modeling I'm finishing my study in University and soon will be a dentist.

  • When I post your pictures, I always get asked this question -- Why don't you shoot nudes or topless when doing bondage modeling?
    • I do not shoot nude, because I believe that this is very personal and intimate. My beauty, which I hide from people, should stay untouched by any and all eyes. I will allow to see it for only one man, who will be my chosen one. But I do not know who he will be... :)

  • What else would you like your many fans to know about you or any future projects you'll be working on?
    • I want to say to my fans to order more sets with me without gags. I like very much to work with my face, to show emotions, and gags doesn't allow me to show all what I can do, and to enjoy my work. I believe that eyes, emotions, facial expressions, lips motion - all this add much to a beauty of a tied up girl!

Thank you for these questions!
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